Seeking South Asian Couples and Singles for a Financial Print Commercial

Milo Casting is seeking ?PRE-RETIREMENT AGED SOUTH ASIAN COUPLES for a Financial Print Ad Campaign. ?Seeking:

  2. We are also open to SOUTH ASIAN SINGLE MALES – 45 to 60 YEARS OLD.
  3. We are also open to SOUTH ASIAN SINGLE FEMALES – 45 TO 60 YEARS OLD.

We are looking for people from all South-Asian backgrounds, such as Indian, Pakistani, Sri-Lankan, Bangladeshi etc.

Couples chosen for the campaign will be compensated $3,000 PER COUPLE for a half-day shoot!

Individuals would receive $1,500 each

Must be available for these dates:

Audition: January 25 or 26, 2017 in downtown Toronto.

Shoot: February 4 or 5, 2017. (half-day shoot on one of the days only)

Details & Submission Information:

If interested, you must email the following to:

  1. Your names, ages and telephone number.
  2. Two recent photos of yourself (separate or together if you are a couple). Happy shots, candid shots are great! Professional photos not necessary.
  3. Please tell us your occupation.
  4. Please tell us your relationship status if you are applying as a couple.
  5. Please write ?Project Financial SOUTH ASIAN? in the subject line followed by your name. (i.e.: Project Financial SOUTH ASIAN – BOB SINGH)

Deadline for submissions: January 22, 2017. *** If you are interested, please submit ASAP***

Note: If an agent represents you please allow them to submit you for this project. This is a STILL PHOTO SHOOT, non speaking role. Open to union or non union members.

Questions or Concerns:?Please contact us at 416-360-0465 Shannon at x 233 or Misael at x 234


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Global Sikh Environment Day

“The EcoSikh movement serves as an inspiration to all those seeking to establish an ecological consciousness that celebrates nature”(March 2012.)
?Director for Public Partnerships at?UNICEF
2 months to go…
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Sikh Environment Day
14th March 2017
March 14 is the day for Sikhs to celebrate and reflect their bond with the environment.
In 2017, Sikhs worldwide will be celebrating the 7th?annual worldwide Sikh Vatavaran Diwas?(Sikh Environment Day) on?March 14th. This day marks the New Year in the Sikh calendar and the?gurgaddi?divas of Guru Har Rai Ji,?who is remembered in Sikh history for his deep sensitivity to nature and its preservation.

You might also be interested in Gurdwara section of

Last year, over 3500 Gurdwaras, organizations and educational institutions from six continents were involved in Sikh Environment Day. Hundreds and thousands of Sikhs shared organic langar at the Golden Temple, planted trees, participated in bicycle rallies, katha-kirtan on nature theme, seminars on health, environment rallies, clean-up drives and so on. The entire episode is meant to pay tribute to the seventh Guru, Sri Har Rai ji for the environmental vision he established in his lifetime.
Your Role: Seven Easy Steps
Reach out a nearest Gurdwara, school or organization and support them to hold event and celebrate the message of ‘Pavan Guru Pani Pita Mata Dharat Mahat‘ by following seven easy steps?below, check this video:
Gurdwaras can hold diwans on nature theme and inspire sangat, install solar panels, hosting workshops, kitchen gardening, story sessions for young children.?By joining in, Sikhs across the world will share what the environment means to them, and raise awareness about the state of ecology across their spiritual homeland, Punjab.
Know more about Guru Har Rai and Sikh Environment Day
Read and share this?info poster?at your Gurdwara notice board today.
Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee has?already announced the March 14 celebrations throughout Punjab. SGPC has also called upon the Sikh sangat and Gurdwaras to participate in the worldwide celebrations and pay tribute the seventh Guru.
This is an annual celebration planned by EcoSikh, an organization that was created as the Sikh community’s contribution to the 2009?Plans for Generational Change project, initiated by the?Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The project works with the major world religions on long-term plans to improve their relationship with the environment.
Our previous reports:
Other useful links for SED-2017 at EcoSikh:
Short Film Makers: are encouraged to create 60 sec teasers to mark their participation and play a huge role in inspiring the Sikhs of all age worldwide.
Hash Tag for FaceBook and Instagram: “#SikhEnvironmentDay2017″or #SED17?all the 2017 celebrations and announcements shall use #SED17 to share their effort.
For any questions you can contact:
Ravneet Singh at
Gurpreet Kaur at?

Happy Pongal and Makar Sankranti

One of the most celebrated festivals of India is here again. It’s?Makar Sankranti?which is considered to be the harvest festival of India. Like we have our own cultural beliefs regarding this festival,?Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur & Interior Designer?Poonam?Shende?also has her own special way of celebrating the festival.

On the pious occasion of?Makar Sankranti,?Poonam Shende?who has carved her name on awards like?Lions Favorite Emerging Face Of Bollywood 2017, Lokmat media’s Icons of Women – Pune coffee-table book for her outstanding contribution?in Interior & Entertainment Industryand many more?wished her fans?Happy?Makar Sankranti?and added that flying kites was one of her “childhood passions”

Dressed in a typical Maharashtrian attire, she looked oh-so-stunning in green & beige?color sari & gold jewellery ?“Kai Po Che! Let your kites and hearts soar high in the sky this Makar Sankranti.?A beautiful, bright & delighted day, sun entered makar to intense the ray. May the blessed occasion of Makar Sankranti usher in good times, prosperity and good luck”? petition: RBI, Please make it easy for NRI, OCIs to convert old rupee notes

?A note from visitor prompted us to start an online petion on Change.Org
Please sign the petition and forward to your friends and others who can do so too.

Mail from visitor –
Pls assist to put pressure on RBI to come to their senses
PIOs, NRIs feel heat of demonetisation; wait in RBI queues?
Tempers ran high outside the central bank branches as people coming from long distances were denied entry by guards on the grounds that they were not carrying the requisite documents.?
click here to read the full article on Economic Times?
I wish to suggest that RBI allow banks to?collect/deposit this small amounts of?Rs25,000 only, as after all we already declared at customs & customs will update RBI & RBI can then cross reference with banks (banks to submit the forms to RBI upon receipt of the cash).
So many checks are already in place so why the fear.
RBI cannot cope with the load so be realistic and don’t hurt NRIs.
?Please use your influence to push RBI.
Mayur Vora

Yet another Swedesi victory over a multinational : Amazon backtracks on Indian Flag doormat

A couple of days ago?Amazon listed a series of doormats with Indian Flag on its Canadian portal. screen snapshop

A Non Resident Indian took offence and began tweeting about it to?Indian Minister for external affairs. Interestingly, this news comes on the heels of the much lauded the Overseas Indian fest, Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2017 that concluded in Bangalore this week.


With characterstic speed,?Sushma Swaraj swung to action and tweeted.


Immediately after Ms?Sushma Swaraj tweeted her “warning,” Amazon took down the offending doormats from its websites. And the?Desi media and bloggers had a field day?patting their backs over yet another “Swedesi victory over a multinational”

But Indians, perhaps rightly want more:

“Amazon Canada might have removed the offensive product ? doormat bearing the Indian tricolour ? from its listings but it must go the whole hog and apologise to India for the infra dig heaped on Indians who wear their National Flag and nationalism on their sleeves.

The manufacturer, XLYL, may be one of the thousands of suppliers using the Amazon Canada portal, but that does not mean the e-commerce giant should be allowed to wash its hands of the stinking mentality of its supplier. Earlier, images of Indian gods were emblazoned on doormats sold by a supplier on the Amazon US portal. One wonders whether the offender then was the same XLYL. Amazon would do well to investigate the antecedents of such India-phobes and rein in them. The fig leaf of a ‘marketplace model’ should not be used as a cover by e-commerce portals to escape responsibility.? said Firstpost

It is not just the flag. Indians have begun a renewed push to get citizen to respect its flag.?NY Times reports -?Indian Cinemas Must Play the National Anthem, Supreme Court Rules

India?s Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered movie theaters to play the national anthem before each screening, asserting that doing so would instill ?a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism? in Indians.

In an interim order, the bench said that the anthem must be accompanied by images of the Indian flag, and that all present in the hall must stand while it is played.


This recent issue issue brings forth bigger questions:

  • We live in a globalized world but respect for individual cultures and social values are still paramount
  • Multinationals and even digital?content aggregators and marketplaces cannot hide behind their suppliers and vendors. They need to take accountability for governance
  • Sovereign countries offer multinationals a “license to operate.” Such license to operate can be questioned if it conflicts with the values of the host country.
    • In this case, Amazon listed the flag-doormat on its Canadian website.
    • Indian people took offence and used social media to petition the Government?leader took swift and decisive action, threatening Amazon with retaliation

Links to other media articles and blogs:

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2017: Musings and Pictorial Observations

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) is a major annual event orchestrated by the Indian Government?s Ministry of External Affairs ?to mark the contribution of Overseas Indian community in the development of India.? It is a way for Indian government to show its global diaspora ? that remitted nearly $68 billion to motherland – that it cares.

As an Indian-American with an OCI?who has lived and worked in a dozen countries, I had read about the event held in the years past. This year I happen to be in Bangalore, and had an opportunity to attend the event and to see firsthand the Rock Star status Mr. Narendra Modi commands even among the Indian diaspora.

Getting there to BIEC: Navigating Bangalore Traffic on an Ola using Digital App. Most NRIs would dread driving on Indian roads!

A warm, Desi cultural welcome to the delegates

The Black Cat NSG commandos awaiting the arrival of VVIPs

Settling in with a Selfie before Mr. Modi Speaks!

Prime Minister Modi “Whether knowledge, time or money, we welcome your contributions that strengthen India?s partnership with overseas community” ?Other Modi bytes :

  • “We don’t see the colour of the passport, our relationship is based on blood.”
  • “Earlier there used to be talk of ‘brain drain’. With your help, we want to turn that drain into ‘brain gain’.”
  • “There are over 30 million Indians living abroad. They are respected not just for their strength in numbers, but for the contributions they make to India and the country they live in.”

A?lot of food for thought ?.. and some good food too (catered by #TajBangalore)

A few heads Nodding off at a session after lunch. The NRI/OCI diaspora is diverse and varied. Not surprisingly, their issues too are varied and wide ranging. The techie from Houston can?t relate to the issues of the migrant workers in Saudi Arabia or the Girmityas in Mauritius or Fiji. … but the officials at PBD took pains to show they care!

A fellow OCI asks the Minister a question on an issue close to her heart!

A global event in Bangalore wouldn?t be complete without techies showcasing their digital Apps. Mr. Modi quipped “….And Sorry, did I mention our well known Information Technology Professionals?”

Pictures and narrative by Mohan K

Other links on the event

Desis in U.S Congress! Indian-American Fab Five formally enter US Congress on Tuesday

Hindustan Times featured “Indian-American Fab Five formally enter US Congress on Tuesday“?On Tuesday, members of the 115th U.S. Congress were sworn in, and that five Indian Americans: Senator Kamala Harris, and Representatives Pramila Jayapal, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Ro Khanna, and Ami Bera. All five are Democrats in a Republican majority Congress.


Image credit:?

Jayapal spoke of the significance of her win in broader terms, as reported by The Hindu:

?This country belongs to all of us. My victory has inspired confidence in many young women and I hope a whole new generation of political people rises among us.?

The Economic Times reported Krishnamoorthi?s comments at the event, remarks which also spoke to those hoping to enter politics:

?For all of those in the audience tonight who are thinking about running for office, there is no better time than now. You have role models, we have play book. It?s time to get started.?

The popular Desi blog? a detailed profile of “each of the Fab Five, and for images from their first moments as new members of Congress.”