PM Modi lauds ISRO’s space feats during US trip

Indian Space research commercialization and business venture Modi seems to be telling private Space ventures:  Move over SpaceX . Time to sell ISRO’s capabilities to the west too! 

Space: the final frontier. Made in India or make America Great in Space again…. seems to be the question here.

Modi seems to be selling India’s public-private Space ventures:  Move over SpaceX . Time to sell ISRO’s capabilities to the west too!


The Times of India has featured PM Modi speaking up ISRO’s capabilities during his recent visit to the US.

With the Indian space agency achieving several milestones in recent months, PM Narendra Modi, during his current visit to the US, lauded Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) for its rapid advancement in space technology.

While addressing the Indian diaspora in Washington DC on Sunday night, Modi said, “India has earned a big name in space technology. Just two days ago, Isro had launched 31 satellites in one go. A few months ago, we had broken the world record by launching 104 satellites in one go.”

The PM also spoke about Isro’s achievements in launching the country’s heaviest rocket GSLV Mk III on June 5, which made India capable of launching a 4-tonne-class geosynchronous satellite. He said, “We recently launched a rocket whose weight was not counted in kilograms but was compared with the weight of many (200) elephants. Our government’s focus on technology-driven governance, technology-driven society and technology-driven development is showing desired results.”

Space is certainly in Mr. Modi’s agenda. The NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar(NISAR) is scheduled to be launched in 2021 but the work has started on it at Pasadena, a suburb of Los Angeles. India has also been forging ahead with a private-public business venture called Team Indus. Team Indus, ISRO aim for January 26, 2018 to plant Tricolour on moon. Team Indus is the only Indian team in this Google-sponsored global effort.

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US Vice President Mike Pence Applauds Contribution Of Sikhs

Mike Pence also admired the efforts of SikhsPAC for encouraging the community’s participation in the main stream politics.

WASHINGTON: US Vice President Mike Pence has lauded the Sikhs’ contribution, saying the community should continue to give serve in the military and public offices at local, state and federal levels in the country. Mr Pence, 58, said the community’s “issues” were close to his heart and he was aware of them.

“Sikhs Community and its issues are always close to my heart and I always admire the contribution of Sikhs in Indiana and across the United States,” Mr Pence told a Sikh delegation in Indianapolis.


India-US ties to see new dawn: Sikh leader
Indian-American Sikh leader Gurinder Singh Khalsa with US Vice-President Mike Pence. PTI file Photo
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“I am fully aware of Sikh awareness issues since me days as Governor,” Mr Pence told Sikhs Political Action Committee (SikhsPAC), led by Gurinder Singh Khalsa.

The main topic of discussion with the delegation was Sikh awareness and introduction of Sikh History in public history curriculum through federal department of education.

Mr Pence also admired the efforts of SikhsPAC for encouraging the community’s participation in the main stream politics, a SikhsPAC statement said.

During the meeting, Mr Pence reaffirmed his commitment to Sikh community and encouraged it to continue to give back in the form of serving in the military and public offices at local, state and federal level, it said.

Early this week, Mr Khalsa visited Washington DC and met about two dozen US Senator and Congressmen.

He also attended US Global Leadership Collision where about 500 world faith leaders, veterans and elected leaders participated to influence the American foreign aid policies.

Mr Pence was the first siting Governor who attended Sikh Parade and bestowed the highest civilian award to a Sikh in 2015.

The US state of Indiana has passed a resolution recognising Sikhs’ “significant contributions” to America.

Hate-crime incidents, however, against Sikhs have seen a spurt in in America recently. A 39-year-old Sikh man was shot in the arm outside his home in Kent, Washington in March by a partially-masked gunman who shouted “go back to your own country”.

Earlier, Indian-origin convenience store owner Harnish Patel, 43, of Lancaster in South Carolina was found dead of gunshot wounds in his yard in the same month.

World | Press Trust of India

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MOVIE CASTING NOTICE: Opportunity for Desis in Canada!

TO AUDITION FOR THE LEAD IN A NEW MOVIE FOR TELEVISION FOR A WELL-KNOWN CABLE NETWORK NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY We are looking for a truly special, talented, feisty and intelligent girl who appears to be East Indian.


SEEKING: 13-16 YEAR OLD ACTRESS Singing & dancing talent is a plus.

TO AUDITION FOR THE LEAD IN A NEW MOVIE FOR TELEVISION FOR A WELL-KNOWN CABLE NETWORK NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY We are looking for a truly special, talented, feisty and intelligent girl who appears to be East Indian.


FEMALE, 13-16, to portray East Indian, the feisty waitress at her parent’s Indian restaurant in Queens. She constantly struggles with her identity: she feels too Indian for the world, but too American at home. She is naturally brilliant & clever, an A+ student who’s the head of the school’s coding club while having a secret passion for music. She’s able to create the hottest tracks with her ability to see music in everyday sounds plus her coding skills.

If interested please send us an email with your headshot and resume to:

If the Casting Director thinks that you are right for the role, you will receive an email with instructions on how to self- tape along with the materials for the audition.

**If you have already auditioned for this role it is not necessary to re-tape**


Note: The details came to us via Carly who works for Stephanie Gorin Casting Inc.  Please feel free to share with those who you think would be interested!

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India Premiere Of World?s First Ever Film On Homoeopathy

Mumbai homoeopaths congregated to watch the unique global film, Just One Drop on homoeopathy, the system of medicine that has been practiced over 200 years!

For the first time in history, a global film on homoeopathy has been made by an American movie maker, Laurel Chiten. Prominent homoeopaths of Mumbai hosted a special screening in tandem with the world premiere of the film, congregating to show their allegiance to homeopathy. In other words, it was simply an opportunity for them to come together and celebrate this occasion. More so, celebrities, also firm believers of homoeopathy, Gracy Singh and filmmaker Sooraj Barjatya and world renowned homoeopath Dr.Rajan Sankaran, Dr.Meghna Shah – Dean, The Other Song, Dr.Jayesh Shah, Dr.Mahesh Gandhi, Dr.Divya Chhabra among many others were also present at the occasion.

Dr.Meghna Shah, Sooraj Barjatya, Gracy Singh and homoeopath Dr.Rajan Sankaran

Just One Drop takes a no-holds-barred look at homoeopathy and how it treats the entire person, not just the disease, on how it is a specific form of medicine that uses minute doses of a highly diluted substance that stimulates the body to cure itself.

Producer/director Laurel Chiten has been critiquing and influencing social issues for over 25 years. Her high-profile films have screened at film festivals around the world; at universities and medical schools; won numerous awards; been nominated for an Emmy and been broadcast on PBS?s Emmy winning national series, Independent Lens, and POV. Her previous films have gained her acknowledgment and respect from doctors, researchers and institutions including Harvard Medical School, UCLA, MIT, and Harvard University.

Her films include: Twisted (2006) about people with the neurological disorder, dystonia. Touched, (2003) about people who think they have had contact with aliens and the Harvard psychiatrist who believed them. The Jew in the Lotus (1999), about a group of rabbis that met with the Dalai Lama, and Twitch and Shout (1994) about people living with Tourette Syndrome, nominated for a national Emmy. The intention in all her work is to entertain her audiences while educating them.

Marc Wishengrad, the director of photography, camera operator, and lighting director has appeared in numerous award-winning films. Wishengrad was Emmy nominated for his camera work on one of the first reality TV shows, Discovery?s Trauma: Life in the ER. Most recently, The Curse of Micah Rood has won film festival awards including the prestigious HDFest?s 2009 ?Deffie? for Best Cinematography in an HD Short.? For over a decade, Marc has found a niche as a medical documentarian. He has shot surgical procedures and has made fundraising films about patients whose lives were saved at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Marc is fulfilling a life-long ambition documenting the wonders of the world?s cultural healing traditions.? Under the project The Healing World, Marc has filmed ceremonies in Japan, Southern Italy, Bermuda, Nigeria, Hawaii and Brazil.

Tamara Taddeo, Camera (India, Haiti, Montreal) Tamara has directed a snowboarding series (5 episodes) for a sport channel in Quebec called RDS and a documentary short Cold Rust that played in festivals around the world.? Tamara is presently directing and shooting a film about ?Unschooling?. Before directing and filming her own documentaries, she worked as a continuity supervisor on fiction films. Tamara graduated from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal.

This film is unique for all who practice homoeopathy or believe and are touched by it in some from or the other.? Hence the screening was followed by a meet and discussion on the integration of homoeopathy with allopathy for better treatment of patients. Patients also narrated their experiences.?

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Income Tax and Adhaar updates for Non Resident Indians (NRIs)

It is tax filing season around the world. In the US 18th April is the deadline for most individuals to file their tax returns. Likewise, the window of tax filing for the past Fiscal year in India has begun too. A few interesting updates for Non Resident Indians (NRIs):

India exempts NRIs from quoting Aadhaar in tax returns – Although NRIs are exempted from income tax on their income abroad, they have to file tax returns for their income earned in India. The Indian government has exempted Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) from the requirement of quoting Aadhaar (Indian biometric ID card) number while filing income tax returns back home. Although NRIs are exempted from income tax on their income abroad, they have to file tax returns for their income earned in India. Many Indians in the UAE, who regularly file income tax returns in India but do not have Aadhaar, were worried after the government move to link Aadhaar with PAN (Permanent Account Number) issued by income tax authorities for tax and financial transactions by June 30, 2017. On March 30, a top Indian official clarified to Gulf News that NRIs were not eligible for Aadhaar and government departments had to give exemptions to NRIs in this regard. They were waiting for announcements on exemptions.

Expats stressed as Aadhaar becomes mandatory for tax returns -Expatriates living in India would often complain about heat, food and dirt. Applying, registering and getting an Aadhaar card might just extend the list of woes with another mandatory tryst with India?s famed red tape. Many expatriates would be required to obtain an Aadhaar number. The Finance Act, 2017 has made it mandatory to enroll for Aadhaar to file tax returns in India or apply for a PAN or keep the existing PAN active effective July 1. This applies to those who are eligible for Aadhaar and under the Aadhaar Act, anyone who is in India for more than 182 days in aggregate in the past 12 months becomes eligible to obtain Aadhaar, experts said.


As an NRI, your India-sourced income will be taxed in India: From update on Livemint “I am an NRI and was living in Kenya for the last 11 years. Since November 2016 I have been living in India. In December 2016 I also got a job here, in the diamond polishing business, which pays me a fixed salary of about Rs1 lakh per month. Depending on external factors, I may or may not go back to Kenya. Please tell me how I should file my taxes for 2016-17? Do I still qualify as an NRI?”

Residential status in India is determined based on your physical presence in India in the current financial year (FY) (1 April to 31 March) and the preceding 10 financial years . If the individual satisfies any of the basic conditions mentioned below, he would qualify as a resident, otherwise he would qualify as a non-resident (NR):
a) Stay in India during the FY is 182 days or more; or
b) Stay in India during the relevant FY is 60 days or more and in the 4 immediately preceding FYs is 365 days or more.

Additional tips from Abhinav Gulechha on his blog.?Impact of this provision on various categories of NRIs:

  1. NRI residing out of India ? comes to India every year for brief visits only: Requirement is not applicable to you, relax. If your income is below qualifying exemption limit, anyways no need to file return in India. However, if you are considering filing a return, you can do in a normal way. Leave ?Aadhaar? field in return form blank.
  2. NRI spending substantial time in India: This mostly applies to my seafarer friends who plan their work in such a way that they are < 182 days in India for a previous year, and hence are categorized as ?non-resident?. For such seafarers, please note that residency requirements under ITA and Aadhaar Act are different. The implications thus, are as follows:
  3. NRI returned to India/Resident of India (includes PIO/Expats) etc: Filing a tax return in India on or after 01/07/2017: Make sure that on the date of filing tax return (say X) you have NOT been residing in India for 182 days for period (X- 365), if yes, you cannot file a return without quoting your Aadhaar and if you do so, it can be deemed as ?defective?
    It may be noted that Government has not given any leeway yet (as I write the post on 10/04/2017) to PIO and expats. So, even if you are a US citizen residing in India, if you?re eligible for Aadhaar, you need to apply for it, and quote it in your tax return.

What does all this mean?

  • If you are an NRI (or OCI) living in India for more than 182 days, you should plan to get an Adhaar Card. (the process is rather simple for those residing in India)
  • If you have income earned in India, you should file tax returns in India.

USCIS ?Policy Memo? on H1 Visas: Is it really a big deal?

USCIS ?Policy Memo? on H1 Visas: Is it really a big deal?

A statement from a US ?government department can send ripples across the globe. Nowhere is it more evident than the recent ?Policy Memo? (link) issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

The statement issued over the weekend has sent ripples across the IT community across the globe, and comes at a time where tech-companies are ready to file for H1 visa applications for 2018 fiscal year. The four-page memo is rather verbose and contains a lot of technical verbiage like

?Based on the current version of the Handbook, the fact that a person may be employed as a computer programmer and may use information technology skills and knowledge to help an enterprise achieve its goals in the course of his or her job is not sufficient to establish the position as a specialty occupation. Thus, a petitioner may not rely solely on the Handbook to meet its burden when seeking to sponsor a beneficiary for a computer programmer position. Instead, a petitioner must provide other evidence to establish that the particular position is one in a specialty occupation as defined?

In summary, however, the intent of memo is simple: The memo aligns with the Trump administration’s focus on reserving H1 visas for high-skilled (and higher-paid) professionals. The memo implicitly encourages low/mid-level to be reserved for American workers instead.

An immigration attorney following this process said the memo would increase scrutiny for H1-B applicants for the computer programmer job category. The attorney added that most Silicon Valley companies don’t hire entry level programmers, and so the real impact of the change would be felt by offshore companies. “It’s not an unsubstantial development,” said a USCIS spokeswoman.

Analysts and the media are divided over the impact of the memo. On one hand, some feel that the low-level jobs will continue to be reserved for Americans while many in the industry already realize that this is merely re-clarifying a policy that has been in place for a long time.

What are experts saying about this:

?The upshot is that a computer programming position is not?automatically?a specialty occupation,? Ron Hira, an associate professor at Washington DC?s Howard University, who specialises in offshoring and high-skill immigration, explained via email. ?The burden will be on the employer to demonstrate that the computer programming position it is trying to fill with an H-1B worker meets the ?specialty occupation? requirement. The job itself must be a specialty occupation,? he added. (link : Cheap Indian engineers now have no place in Donald Trump?s America ?)

“The clarifying guidance should have little impact on Nasscom members as this has been the adjudicatory practice for years and also as several of our member executives have noted recently, they are applying for visas for higher level professionals this year,” Nasscom said in a statement. Nasscom counts IT outsourcing firms like TCS, Infosys, Wipro as well as American firms like Cognizant, Microsoft, IBM and Accenture as members.? (H-1B visa memo to have little impact on Indian IT cos: Nasscom)

There are around 120,000 H-1B visa holders in the U.S., mostly from India. The clampdown on these visas will make it harder for more junior programmers to qualify for H-1B visas. Some estimate this could hold up around 40% of applications. It leaves Indian IT companies with an unpalatable choice: place fewer workers through the scheme, or hire more senior, better-paid programmers. Either option will crimp earnings.?(Trump Visa Crackdown Hits India?s Tech Giants )

Herbal tea ? with self boosting formula to heal you naturally

Tea is a healthy and delicious beverage for everyone, who is now enjoying it with their first meal of the day. When it comes to the choice of tea, then medicinal herbal tea is the most preferred tea by people due to its medicinal and healing properties. They are more different from other traditional tea which you enjoy every day with family. Nowadays herbal tea is found all through the world in the form of medicinal usage to improve health and digestion. Many practitioners consider it as a therapy to maintain healthy and long life. People have become very selective in selecting them as you find many herbal properties tea to evoke your sense with just a sip of it.

Most popular herbal tea

Among all the tea, mint is the most popular in which you have spearmint and peppermint flavors to enjoy the taste. Along with it, apple mint is also preferred and commonly grown in temperate gardens of the world. You have chamomile tea, holy basil, Echinacea, ginseng, parsley, Rooibos, sage and many more which are from centuries in use. Our ancestors used to sip them every day for long life. Most of the people are gaining benefits with medicinal herbal tea which act as a natural resource for boosting the immune system of your body.

Many people consume it when they are sick in health in order to kill all the bacteria which are making them sick. These herbal tea works as antibiotics to fight the bacteria. Those who wish to maintain longevity for life consume detox tea weight loss which enhances the strength in the body and fights with fungus and bacteria and even with viruses. It means that drinking herbal tea can easily battle with fever, cold, infections, soreness in throat and coughs. It is confirm that if you are consuming detox tea on a regular basis then you can lose your extra weight quickly than any other method. Drinking tea, I mean herbal or detox tea has many other benefits related to health.

This content aims to make the people know about the useful medicinal properties of herbal tea which are used to improve health and have a good immune system in the body.

An array of benefits from herbal tea

Herbal tea is used not only to maintain health but also, lose weight. You need to be a regular drinker of weight reduction tea which helps burn the excess fat in your body. You may feel the reduction of weight as each day certain calories are shed making you lose weight in an exact way. So, every person should be habituated of using this healthy tea to lose weight and boosts your body?s energy levels so that you can lose weight without causing any side-effects on the body. The natural ingredients in the tea make the process of fat oxidation in your body which causes to reduce weight and ensures the longevity for life.