A Swades like story: Indian lad joins US army at Rs 1.2 crore pay package

In a real-life-story mimicking bollywood, a Jaipur lad Monark Sharma has been appointed as scientist in the AH-64E combat fighter helicopter unit of the US army and is currently touring his home-state, trying to inspire youngsters to follow his footsteps.

Some of us might recall the bollywood blockbuster Swades, the Shah Rukh Khan movie from years ago which portrays a desi techie, Mohan Bhargav, a NASA engineer working on a rainfall monitoring satellite, which is lifted into an orbit aboard the Space Shuttle. In a romantic twist, Mohan returns back to swades seeking the “meaning of life” and finds love.

In a real-life-story mimicking bollywood, a Jaipur lad Monark Sharma has been appointed as scientist in the AH-64E combat fighter helicopter unit of the US army and is currently touring his home-state, trying to inspire youngsters to follow his footsteps. As per an article in the Times of India,

  • Monark Sharma has been appointed as scientist in the AH-64E combat fighter helicopter unit of the US army.
  • He bagged the opportunity with an annual remuneration of Rs 1.20 crore.
  • He started his career as junior research scientist at NASA in the mass communication wing in 2013.
From Monark’s Facebook post

“I may not have got the opportunity to serve in the Indian armed force but all my moves in the US were intended to bring pride for my country. Here I am reaching out to my fellow Indian students to inspire them that anyone can attain success in life with sheer hard work,” said Sharma who studied from Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain School in C Scheme, Jaipur.

Now all we need is another love story and a happy marriage for our young hero, Monark ?

Here is a little known fact: legal Immigrants serving in the US Army and military are eligible for a fast track Citizenship (naturalization) – Link to USCIS fact sheet

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Deserted by NRI husband, woman requests Swaraj to get him deported

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog asking “NRIs wonder: How do I bring my issue to the attention of Sushma Swaraj?”

Taking a cue?from this thinking, a young lady who was deserted by NRI husband, has reached out to media by publically requesting Ms Sushma Swaraj to “get him deported.”

Chand Deep Kaur tweeted


This tweet (and re-tweets) caught the attention of Indian media.

Asian Age reports

“I have sought (Sushma) Swaraj’s help in getting my husband deported. He is in New Zealand,” Kaur, who is based in Kapurthala, said.

She also wants her husband’s passport to be cancelled. “I want to set an example so that no other NRI husband can ever dare to cheat a woman. I also want stringent laws in place to check such men,” she said.

Kaur said she has received a call from the ministry to send relevant documents in connection with her case. “I want him back here for divorce so that I can start my life afresh,” she said.

Chand Deep Kaur married Ramandeep Singh, who was working as an accountant in Auckland, in July 2015. “Soon after our wedding he returned to New Zealand, in August 2015,” Kaur said. “I stayed with him at his family’s house in Jalandhar,” she said. “He returned to India briefly in December 2015 and went back to New Zealand in January 2016,” she said.

Times of India adds

“I spent just 40-45 days with my husband,” she said.

She alleged that the behaviour of her in-laws changed after marriage. “They told me that they had disowned Ramandeep so I should move back with my parents,” Kaur claimed.

NRI's date with politics: Non Resident Indians participating in politics

An interesting question came up online “How can I participate in Indian politics being an NRI?”?The question prompted us to research on this topic further.

Many Indian-Citizen NRIs participate indirectly in Indian politics by the use of social media. Some NRIs actively participate on overseas chapters of political organizations like Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP), Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS),?Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and others.

Some NRIs are also known to travel to their Indian “home-town” to actively participate in elections and to vote.

Image result for oci indian

A times of India article features “NRI’s date with politics”

But what makes Indians living abroad to be a part of political process in India? The people of Indian heritage living across the world have a mix of characteristics: some are foreign citizens, while others are Indian citizens (NRIs). Some have nominal relationship with India, their ancestors having left Indian shores generations back, while others belong to the pool of a mobile population having active stay and ties in India. Majority of NRIs living abroad find new roots in adopted lands, raise families, work and pay taxes and enjoy the facilities and privileges as much as locals do. But there is something that makes them yearn for India! They may continue to live offshore, yet their heart lies in India. In other words, you cannot take India out of their hearts. Aligning with a charitable work is one of the common things NRIs do to give back to India. Increasingly, political participation has also become a tool for many to contribute to their motherland even while sitting afar.

Over the years, the political parties of India have also reached out to the Indians settled abroad. This has culminated in Indian parties having their foreign extensions. Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) is the most obvious case in point. Its ideological mentor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) also has overseas presence. The global front rechristened as Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS)- has presence in several countries. The HSS provides a platform for cultural nourishment to the Indians (Hindus) far away from their land and also conduct ‘sakhsas’.

The current year marks 25 years of existence of HSS in the USA. Similarly, OFBJP has chapters in more than 15 countries, with most active presence in the USA, the UK and Canada. Behind successful organisation of political rallies for BJP’s Narendra Modi were the combined efforts of the HSS and the OFBJP. The significance of overseas chapters can be gazed from the fact that BJP has in place a full time global convener whose job is to actively work on the overseas chapters. But the most amazing story of an Indian political movement galvanising the Indian diaspora across the world is exemplified by none other than the nascent political party called Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Many Indians Oversea ? (OCIs) actively participate in the politics of their host nations, especially after they attain citizenship of their host countries.