Indore builders duped us: NRI couple

NDORE: An NRI couple from Scotland, who had purchased an apartment in Mangal Nagar, on Tuesday claimed that they had been duped by builders as they have still not got possession of the flat despite being promised so. The incident came to fore after the duo came to the city and approached in-charge DIG Harinarayan Chari Mishra at the public hearing.

In their complaint, Pushpalata Rohila, who worked as a manager at oil and gas industry and her husband Harsh Nama, an IT worker, said that they had purchased a flat in Classic City in Mangal Nagar from Swastik Infrastructure Company.

“We had been promised possession of the flat by November 15, 2015. The owners of the company – Ankit Shrivastav and Aman Sehgal – had also signed an agreement saying that they will pay Rs 10,000 as rent for the flat if the deadline of possession was breached by the builders,” said Harsh while speaking to TOI. He said that they also completed registry formalities for the flat and when they approached the owners again, they were told that they will be given the under-construction flat latest by December 15. 2016.

“Even after calling them several times, we got no response. We had purchased the flat by taking a loan and we are also paying interest on the loan. We have been deceived by the builders and have faced mental harassment,” he said.

“Everyone in my family including my sister-in-law who lives in scheme number 78 and my sister who also lives in city have faced problems because of these people. Since we were in Scotland, they had to approach the police and also builders for the possession,” said Harsh.

He said that after coming to India, he came to know that both the builders were allegedly absconding and there were other similar cases registered against them

“The police will take action in the matter at the earliest,” said in-charge DIG Harinarayan Chari Mishra
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Taking time off in between their tight schedules, exploring exotic locations..?Prashant?Virendra?Sharma, Shweta Khanduri, Smita Gondkar & DJ Sheizwood road trip to the queen of hills- Shimla


Traveling creates a special bond between people. What better person to spend it with than your best friend? Media Baron Prashant?Virendra?Sharma, Actress Shweta Khanduri, Actress Smita Gondkar & DJ Sheizwood embarked on a road trip to Shimla to explore the picturesque beauty?of the landscape.

Prashant?Virendra?Sharma says “Something about being in an unfamiliar place together strengthens your relationship. It gives you sweet memories that you know will last a lifetime. And it gives you the urge to want to continue traveling all over the world together”

Actress Shweta Khanduri says A road trip, no matter how long or short, is something I believe is essential to letting go of the stress around you. And when it is with your best friends, it makes the trip even more special. It’s a memory I will cherish forever. After our Shimla road trip, I can truly attest to this simple fact: the friends that road trip together, stay together”

Actress Smita Gondkar says ” The beauty of road tripping with your friends, though, is that you won’t be alone in?exploring the beauty of places. Road trips bring some spontaneity to the friendship which in turn strengthens the bond

DJ Sheizwood says Traveling brings us together. It makes our friendship stronger. And it gives us comfort knowing that no matter where life takes us, we will always have those special memories together”

Introducing a dynamic travel portal for NRIs – FLY DEAL FARE

The business of Travel is dynamic. Here we profile a new travel services
company that is expanding into the growing Non-Resident Indian (NRI)

TTL Holidays INC. started one year back with a vision to provide excellent
services to B2C in travel trade. With passing time the company constantly
kept its growth incoming and also started catering to customers in fields

The company has a slick online portal where customers can?connect with the service providers, search or easily reach them through?toll free number, chat or E mail.

The company is currently catering USA clients and planning to grow Globally.

Abandoned wives' search for NRI grooms

It’s not only Punjab, but Himachal too is getting affected with problem of runaway NRI grooms leaving behind their brides to fend for themselves.

But the issue of abandoned brides seems to be lost amidst myriads of large issues confronting women with Police not submitting ATRs (Action Taken Reports) in such cases.

The fact came to light during the 2nd day of public hearing by National Women Commission member Rekha Sharma at Shimla.

Talking to The Statesman, Rekha Sharma said three cases of abandoned brides have came to light today in which NRI grooms from countries like Qatar, Australia and Germany never returning or leaving women with their parents. ?So far we have received around 6-7 such complaints from women and some cases even dates back to 2003,? she said.

There was a case in which a woman was left to fend herself with a disabled daughter with any support in-laws with the groom refusing to accept the relation.

In another case, a NRI from Germany married a girl from the state but he later refused to accept the marriage. Later he married another woman he loves and fled from the country. The woman is now being coerced by her in-law for settlement and are reportedly offering Rs 40 lakh.

Sharma also raised questions on lack of followup by police officials in such cases and added ?I would write a letter to Director General Police, HP to direct police officials to strict and prompt action in such cases.?

Sources said the cases of women being subjected to cruelty of false marriage, cheating and dowry extortion have increased in proportion to the growing number of Indians emigrating in search of green pastures abroad.

?Unfortunately, it is the rural and middle class people that often succumb to the temptation of acquiring foreign groom. It is only when the daughters are abandoned that the parents, who have possibly liquidated their assets to help their daughter enter into the so-called marriage wake up and approach the state authorities,? sources said. The women rights group are now calling on the government needs to address the problem by considering suggestions such as marking on the visa marriage status of the person; providing legal assistance and financial aid to abandoned women, liaison with foreign governments to book the grooms in bigamy charge and to restrain the grant of ex-parte divorce by foreign courts.

In two days public hearing, the NCW has received 90 complaints, out of which 38 were received today.

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Good Samaritan NRI family repairs unsafe bridge

A feel good story about an NRI family giving back to their roots! – editor

Good Samaritan NRI family repairs unsafe bridge

Will prevent accidents which could have been caused due to fog

Good news for commuters using the Dehlon-Nangal-Lehra link road, as an unsafe bridge constructed on the drain, which was earlier a death trap for commuters, was widened by an NRI family settled in the United States.

Good Samaritan NRI family repairs unsafe bridge
Sant Baba Resham Singh Chakk Pakhian Wale and others inaugurate the Nangal drain bridge near Ahmedgarh. Tribune Photo

The situation used to worsen for commuters during fog due to poor visibility. The diversion of traffic on the link road following the establishment of Lehra Toll Plaza on the Ludhiana Malerkotla road made the repair or reconstruction of the drain bridge necessary.

Area residents, including Ranjit Singh and Harjit Singh, said NRIs ? Kunda Singh Virk and Kiran Jit Kaur Virk ? came forward to widen the unsafe and unguarded drain bridge by constructing a new portion along the old one.

The gesture is expected to prevent a number of accidents which could have been caused due to fog. The bridge was thrown open for traffic by Sant Baba Resham Singh Chakk Pakhian Wale during a simple function organised here today.

Kunda Singh Virk and Kiran Jit Kaur Virk were felicitated on the occasion.

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NRI Q&A for week of 18th December

Interesting question on an online forum, and the response from our Editor:

However, keep in mind there is no grantee that an H1B application by your *new* employer will eventually be approved by USCIS or the Visa Officers.

I am assuming the question is for deposit into NRO account (where one can deposit Indian currency). Deposit of Rupees saved/earned in India is not permitted in NRE account.

NRI investment in real estate: Flexible policies are the need of the hour

The Indian government unabashedly woos the Indian diaspora to invest in various sectors in India and is considering easing norms further. Yet, the government makes Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) jump through hoops

The Indian government unabashedly woos the Indian diaspora to invest in various sectors in India and is considering easing norms further. Yet, the government makes Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) jump through hoops when it comes to investment in real estate. Finally, there is some hope. RR Singh, director general, National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), says the industry body has presented a set of recommendations to the government, requesting it to ease regulations in the real estate market. While, at present, NRIs can invest only in real estate, Naredco is pushing for them to be allowed into land developments and large-scale commercial properties as well.

Such a relaxation would help generate liquidity in the real estate market, which is witnessing a slump and delayed delivery on account of subdued consumer sentiment, high debt and slow growth. There is already a high level of inventory piled up, Singh points out.

Indians investing abroad

The figures from the Dubai Land Department (DLD) show that Indians top the list of non-GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) investors in Dubai real estate. Outside the Arab world, Indian nationals contributed the lion?s share of investments AED7 billion ($1.9 billion) from 3,656 transactions, according to the DLD. This makes them the biggest investors in Dubai real estate during the first half of 2016.

In the US realty market, Indians are the third-largest international investor community, at US$8 bn, after Canadians and Chinese, according to brokerage firm Sotheby?s International Realty. Other corridors such as the UK, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia, which have relaxed investments from foreigners, have also seen a rise in Indian investors buying properties.

What are some of the restrictions?

S.No. Restrictions applicable to foreign nationals 1 Section 6(5) of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) permits persons resident outside India to hold, own, transfer or invest in? any immovable property situated in India, if such? property was acquired, held or owned by such person when he was resident in India or inherited from a person who was resident in India. 2 A person who is resident outside India (or his successor) has been permitted to repatriate the proceeds of sale of immovable property in India only where the following conditions have been satisfied:

(a) ? The sale is of an immovable property which was either owned by him when he was a resident of India or he has inherited it from a resident of India; and

(b) ?Prior permission of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been obtained. 3 The applicable regulations under FEMA restricts foreign nationals from acquiring any immovable property in India and specific permission is required from RBI for the same, except in the following cases:

(c) ?Where the foreign nationals have inherited property from a person who was resident in India.

(d) ?Where the foreign nationals have leased an immovable property for a period not exceeding five years; or

(c) ?When a foreign national (except a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal, Bhutan, Macau or Hong Kong) becomes a resident in India as per Section 2(v) of FEMA. Such a foreign national is also required to satisfy the conditions regarding period of stay, and the type of visa granted should clearly indicate the intention to stay in India for an uncertain period to determine his residential status. 4 Foreign nationals require specific approval of RBI for transferring any immovable property in India and are allowed to transfer only when the immovable property is either:

(a) ?Acquired by way of inheritance and with specific approval from RBI; or (b) Was purchased with specific approval from RBI ? 5 Citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal, Bhutan, Macau or Hong Kong (?Restricted Countries?) are not allowed to acquire or transfer immovable property in India without prior permission of the RBI, except when they lease an immovable property for a period not exceeding five years. Indian developers have started realising the investment potential of NRIs and are actively showcasing their property portfolios at exhibitions abroad and simultaneously demanding a relaxation in policies. Experts believe that certain flexibility in relation to acquisition and transfer of immovable property by NRIs is required.

Provide renewable leases: It has been recommended that foreign investments through acquisition of immovable property should generally be allowed and should only be subject to land title agreement and renewable ownership leases. Acquisition of land development/plotted development: A number of developers have come up with villa properties. ?Regulations should provide approval for plotted developments and properties such as bungalows, semi-detached and terrace houses,? says a Delhi-based developer and member of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers? Association of India (CREDAI), requesting anonymity.

Measure to check price speculation: He suggests that to check price speculation, there should be a check on stamp duty payment. The differential treatment to ?citizens of restricted countries? from the perspective of acquisition of immovable property should be relaxed to the maximum extent possible. If required, these can be periodically re-evaluated and amendments made.

The restrictions noted above have adversely impacted foreign investments in India while countries like the UAE, Singapore and Mauritius have increased their inflow of investment by liberalising the restrictions applicable to immovable properties. A relaxation in policies will not only stop speculation in the Indian property market but also infuse much-needed liquidity in the market.

Current market conditions for NRIs NRIs prefer other countries over India to invest in real estate.

Developers ask Indian government to ease restrictions on NRI investment in India. Industry body submits recommendations to central government. Permission to allow NRI investment in land developments and commercial properties sought.

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