Deserted by NRI husband, woman requests Swaraj to get him deported

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog asking “NRIs wonder: How do I bring my issue to the attention of Sushma Swaraj?”

Taking a cue?from this thinking, a young lady who was deserted by NRI husband, has reached out to media by publically requesting Ms Sushma Swaraj to “get him deported.”

Chand Deep Kaur tweeted


This tweet (and re-tweets) caught the attention of Indian media.

Asian Age reports

“I have sought (Sushma) Swaraj’s help in getting my husband deported. He is in New Zealand,” Kaur, who is based in Kapurthala, said.

She also wants her husband’s passport to be cancelled. “I want to set an example so that no other NRI husband can ever dare to cheat a woman. I also want stringent laws in place to check such men,” she said.

Kaur said she has received a call from the ministry to send relevant documents in connection with her case. “I want him back here for divorce so that I can start my life afresh,” she said.

Chand Deep Kaur married Ramandeep Singh, who was working as an accountant in Auckland, in July 2015. “Soon after our wedding he returned to New Zealand, in August 2015,” Kaur said. “I stayed with him at his family’s house in Jalandhar,” she said. “He returned to India briefly in December 2015 and went back to New Zealand in January 2016,” she said.

Times of India adds

“I spent just 40-45 days with my husband,” she said.

She alleged that the behaviour of her in-laws changed after marriage. “They told me that they had disowned Ramandeep so I should move back with my parents,” Kaur claimed.

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