NCHT(UK) core response on the subject of Caste and the Equality Act 2010.

The NCHT(UK) is delighted to announce the launch of their core response to the Governments 16 week Public Consultation on the subject of Caste and the Equality Act 2010.?sandeshheader 600

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Dr Subramanian Swamy MP Rajya Sabha? and BJP leader, visited the UK at the end of March to help launch the NCHT(UK) report entitled “Caste, Conversion & A Thoroughly Colonial Conspiracy”.

HinduOdium “the irrational hatred of Hindus”, the Anglican Jihad, the White supremacist Anglican history behind the genesis of the Dalits and the modern day implementation of the colonial strategy of “divide and rule”, using the concept of Caste.


Prime Minister Cameron’s government courageously resisted the whirlwind of emotional manipulation whipped up by those extremist groups who would see a tranquil integrated Hindu community denigrated, disrupted and fragmented for political gain,? and it would appear that Prime Minister May’s government is also equally concerned with piercing the dustcloud of hype, spin and untruths in the pursuit of genuine equality and justice. We look forward to participating fully in the recently announced consultation on Caste.
BritishRajTo view or download a copy of the report please click the image to the right, a repulsive image no doubt but one which captures the still evident attitude of the Lords who have taken it upon themselves to promote thinly veiled and equally repulsive HinduOdium.

By the way, the new Government Equality Offices latest publication on Caste states “At present there is very little evidence as to the existence or otherwise of caste discrimination in Britain that may be captured by discrimination law” and then quotes NIESR’s latest master work, where we learn that “interviews were conducted with a mixture of first, second and third generation respondents from Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds” – so much for the declarations from Keith Porteous Wood of the National Secular Society, and other politicians and clerics who weakly and unconvincingly repeat that this issue is not about an attack on the culture and religion of brown folks ripe for conversion. If, as Lord Harries and other luminaries declare, this phenomenon occurs in all communities and religions, why are the interviewees all brown and only from the Indian subcontinent?



Satish K Sharma B.Sc. (Hons) Econ MBCS FRSA
General Secretary, National Council of Hindu Temples (UK)

Chair, British Board of Hindu Scholars

Chair, City of London InterFaith

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