Viewpoint on : A Muslim family moving to America?

Here is a question from an online forum answered by our Editor.

My wife doesn’t want to move to the USA because she’s afraid of racism. What should I do to convince her?

I want to build my startup in the Silicon Valley.

If you want to know what kind of racism she?s afraid of? we are Indian Muslims.

Googled image of ?Citizen Khan?

A Muslim family moving to America? Your wife is probably right in voicing her concerns. Here are a few facts to think about:

  • As an outsider to a new community, one might encounter some element of ?racism.? This does not necessarily have to do with religion, but could be due to parochial mindsets, pre-conceived notions of accent, language or other factors.
    • As others have also mentioned, the Bay Area and Silicon Valley is among the most liberal parts of the country. You and your family will not face much ?racism.?
  • The bay area is home to a vibrant Desi community, and also has several mosques and Islamic community. (list of mosques).
    • You and your wife will find a welcoming community and find new firends!
  • The new President has proven that he can walk-the-talk, when it comes to his ?promises? on immigration and border control.
    • We can only speculate on other Executive Actions that the president might or might not take

Bottomline: As an entrepreneur, you are willing to take risks. The risk of moving to a new place is par for the course. Go in with your eyes wide open, and explore the opportunities.

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