Desi satire: As Trump calls for ?Buy American?, NRI couple searching for an alternative to MDH masalas

Our editor came across an interesting?satirical article. Very topical for the times we live in!

As Trump calls for ?Buy American?, NRI couple searching for an alternative to MDH masalas (Source: Fakingnews)

California: NRI couple Shyam and Jyoti who are settled in California for last seventeen years are charged up after hearing the electrifying speech by new US president, Donald Trump. They want to honor what Donald Trump has asked everyone to follow, ?Buy American and Hire American?.

Even if America becomes great again during Trump?s presidency, hiring Americans will remain a distant dream even for a well-to-do couple like Shyam and Jyoti.

However, both feel buying only American brands would not be that difficult for them. They have started making a list of items they purchase every month. The ones that come from India like MDH masalas, they have started exploring if they can find a suitable alternative American brand for the same.

?I looked at my cupboards, it is filled with American brands like GAP, US Polo, Tommy Hilfiger. In between I found few old Lux Cozi underwear which I threw in the dustbin,? said Shyam who was working from home to watch Donald Trump becoming POTUS (President of the United States).

Shyam while listening to ?chod aaye hum wo galiyan? in his iPhone 7 said, ?When I came here in 1999 during the height of Y2K boom, initially it was tough for me to adjust to this new American lifestyle. Luckily many Indians stay here in Bay Area. The supermarkets here sell everything you get in India, plenty of Indian restaurants, so getting Indian food was not a concern for me.?

In between Jyoti came with two plates of Chole Bhature for us. She reminded Shyam, the MDH Chana Masala is over, do not forget to buy it next time you order grocery online. That got Shyam in to a catch 22 situation. MDH is a well-known Indian brand known, he searched in Google, did not find an alternative American brand.

Being a born foodie, Shyam does not want to sacrifice his favorite Chole Bhature for McD burgers. From now on he is planning to follow a new twisted principle, ?Buy American and Buy Indian? looking at item by item. However, he is confident Trump will make a difference, soon new MDH (Massachusetts Di Hatti) will be produced here.

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