Actress and stars celebrate 68th Republic Day with great pride team wishes our visitors NRIs, PIOs and global Indian Diaspora a very happy 68th Republic day
Actress Smita Gondkar celebrates 68th Republic Day with great pride

Where on the occasion of ?68th Republic day all Indians hold their head high, Marathi Actress Smita Gondkar a proud Indian too celebrates this momentous occasion with a great democratic spirit and same enthusiasm as she does every year.

Actress Smita Gondkar

Further sharing her experience Smita Gondkar says, “From flag hoisting to dancing on patriotic song is all what I always use to enjoy the most on Republic Day in my childhood but while growing up slowly and gradually I understood the true importance of this Day. It gives me an immense pride and happiness that I am an Indian and I belong to a country where there is so much unity,Traditions and diversity. The Indian Army and Soldiers ?work round the clock 24/7 to protect our country. Their Sacrifice is something which can never be explained in words. They are the one because of whom we all live a safe joyful life. The giving and helpful nature of ?Indians makes me fall in love with India every time as I celebrate this Day.”

About:?Smita Gondkar is an Indian actress who works primarily in Marathi and Hindi films. Smita also featured in the famous Marathi music video, ‘Pappi De Parula’.?Smita Gondkar was working in USA with Disney Cruise Line alongside people from 55 nations. Smita is also a professional stunt biker.

Link to her official website

Actress Jyoti Saxena gears up in the spirit of 68th republic day

“Republic day is a very important festival in India. I am very proud to be the citizen of India. At this day, I unfurl the National Flag of India and sing the National Anthem I salute the flag and soldiers to show my heartily respect for our republic country. It is celebrated all over the country by all peoples in good manners and also they express their love unity to each other by wishing happy republic day to each other” says Actress Jyoti Saxena who feels that India has developed a lot and counted among the powerful countries.

Jyoti Saxena

“Together with some developments, some drawbacks have also arisen such inequality, poverty, unemployment, corruption, illiteracy, etc. We need to take a pledge today for solving such problems in the society to make our country a best country of the world” adds the actress and wishes the fellow citizens a patriotic 68th Republic Day

Check out Jyoti Saxena’s Facebook page

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