How do I target NRI clients through Facebook?

Hmm, wouldn?t it be easy to just enter a few keywords on Facebook groups and target Non Resident Indians (NRI) ? Marketers, consultants and analysts would be out of jobs and most advertisers could just click a few buttons.

In reality it is much more challenging to identify NRIs. This is because:

  • The varied demographics and backgrounds of the people that make up NRIs. NRIs could range from laborers in Dubai and Muscat to bankers on Wall Street and London? and of course Techies on H1 visas and hundreds of thousands of students in western universities.
  • Geographic spread. NRIs are geographically dispersed across the globe
  • Varied professions. NRIs range from housewives to Hindu priests in temples to professionals to Motel business owners.

Now, back to your question. You need to begin classifying your target audience

  • Which – profession, economic class – are the NRIs you are looking to target?
  • Where – Identify the location where you plan to target NRIs
  • Why – Why do you plan to target NRIs? What do you plan to sell them?

Once you have narrowed down the groups, you need further research on NRI portals – example Garamchai.Com – with listings of businesses, places of worship, Indian associations, Student associations etc.

After you have identified these associations and businesses, search on Facebook groups to target people.

If you think all this is a lot of effort you are not wrong. This is just step one in engagement since NRIs even in online groups are going to be wary of unsolicited requests from strangers. This means you need a plan to engage in social media before you can ?target? them.

Message me if you need references to consultants who may be able to guide you. All the best!

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