Q&A: Why don't Indians wear deodorant?

Here is an interesting question on an online forum and my response

Why don’t Indians wear deodorant?This is obviously a generalization, but I’ve noticed that most Indians in the US don’t wear deodorant. Why is this?

Indians don?t wear deodorant??You must be kidding!

Image source:?Deo ads face the axe effect?

Image:?Emraan Hashmi Cobraman ? (@ehcobraman)

Now, back to the question, With a billion+ people and a growing, affluent middle class, Deodorant market is certainly taking off. FMCG marketers in India dream of getting their Deodorant to be on ?Top 5 Best Selling Men?s Deodorant Brands in India?

A few reasons?some?Indians may not be wearing Deodorant

  • They are Swedesi and dont want to consume western brands.
    • These folks may be waiting for a?swadesi?brand; e.g Baba Ramdev?s pantanjali? deodorant
  • Can?t afford Deodorant
    • ? ? Can you really expect those living on minimum wage to spend ?s on a Deo?
  • Might think that their BO attracts the opposite sex.

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